When our first son was born, our house began to steadily fill up with all manner of plastic playthings. These all have a time and a place of course, but they go in and out of favour almost as frequently as the wind changes. The idea for Sessions & Co. came in response to this cumulation of transient ‘stuff’; I remember lying in bed as a child looking at the rhythmical patterned fabric of the bedroom curtains (I think the fabric was a print from the eighties by Zoffany my mum had such a great eye!). The design – with its abstracted flora and fauna – was really quite a grown-up design for a child’s bedroom, but as time has passed, it still looks as good now as it did then. Everything we produce at Sessions & Co. is designed and manufactured to stand the test of time both in terms of its approach to style and quality. Far from being ‘childish’, these are handcrafted items that appeal to both adults and children alike; things to be cherished, moved from house to house and passed on to future generations: Art for every day life.